Sunday, September 7, 2008

Focus ALL the Attention HERE :)

The older Diego gets the more fun he is. Every single day he makes me smile and just laugh at all the stuff he does. He now has this fake laugh that makes Frank and I laugh even more. He keeps us entertain. :) He knows how to get our attention easily.

I thought the shirt was perfect for him and def had to get some shots. I miss shooting as much as I was but life has been hectic and I'm trying to find a happy medium. Just a few from today but have some more that I need to upload. We took Diego to Universal and Island of Adventure with our family this past weekend and we had a blast.

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Finleypotamus said...

Hey girl! I have missed you. Where ya been? How are you? That Diego is soooo handsome! I love his shirt. Hope to talk to ya soon!