Saturday, September 13, 2008

Looking back...

This morning I woke up to do a spreadsheet, but could not find the product code. I started going through all my CD'S and found stuff I had forgotten about. I started going through old pictures and started realizing how much my life has changed since I became a mom.I'm a whole new person. I was one to think that things don't change after you have a child, but they do in one way or another. I love being a mom and would not change that for nothing in the world. I know I can't go back in time but I can start doing things I loved to do before.

Girls night out was one. It's nice to hang out with your friends and just chat and laugh about everything.

I started working out at the gym again. My friend Rosy and I are both aiming at reaching our goals. Although I have a few more years til I reach my 30's, I want them to be with a new me.

Those special moments that make up our lives are so nice when you have captured them. Here's a few pictures...

Jenna and Mia. Jenna was a very close friend of mine when I lived in Spain. They are now stationed in Japan but we're hoping they come to Florida next since we are extending another 3-4 years here.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Focus ALL the Attention HERE :)

The older Diego gets the more fun he is. Every single day he makes me smile and just laugh at all the stuff he does. He now has this fake laugh that makes Frank and I laugh even more. He keeps us entertain. :) He knows how to get our attention easily.

I thought the shirt was perfect for him and def had to get some shots. I miss shooting as much as I was but life has been hectic and I'm trying to find a happy medium. Just a few from today but have some more that I need to upload. We took Diego to Universal and Island of Adventure with our family this past weekend and we had a blast.