Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just my thoughts..

To upgrade or not..
The thoughts of upgrading my camera has been consuming my head. After trying the 50 on the D80 I can not seem to quit thinking on how much better I can be doing. Then again I hear the D300 is lovely and since my birthday is coming up I am hinting it. :) I also discover that it has a lot of selective points which sound so interesting to me. I could have really loved to use it yesterday. I will update with pictures soon but I met Brandon. He was loving the camera which made it easy on me. He is 3 weeks younger than Diego. I think Diego has been around it so much that he is tired of it. :) The shoot went fine. I really love photographing kids and I'm thinking about possibly attending the "I shoot people tour" It's this weekend. I checked out the artist site and I love his work. I can only hope to get at that level one day. So back to my scrambled thoughts I might upgrade soon.


Italy said...

Hey Velia! I wish you were near me. You could "practice" on the boys any day. How is Diego? Take care!

Velia said...

Who is this? I'm sorry but I don't recognize the name and your blog is not coming up, but will def love to take pics :)