Friday, December 19, 2008

Crazy weather..

If I was living in Chicago my heater would have been turned on and I probably would have been walking around with 2 sweaters and 2 pants. Not here in Florida. Today we had 80 degree weather. Isn't it crazy?

Just before the sunset which is my favorite time of the day (the golden time) I took Diego to get a few shots. Now I have to call Frank to show him how nice is here while he's overthere probably shivering. :)

Peek-a Boo Time!

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Erika said...

oh i luv his expressions!!!! and i have to agree I lUV the warm weather!!! My parents in CT got a lot of snow. I'm a BIG whinner w cold and snow I cant live in a cold state!!! I dont like the x-tra clothing, driving in it and the fact that at 4pm it's already dark outside, how depressing!!!